Data of 824 facilities
300 pages
234 graphs
7.1 million m2 total area
Expert team
Standards structure
Confidential data management
Continuous market surveillance
Comparative analyses
Detailed tables

Facility management metrics

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve again managed to double the volume of statistical data in this, our third, publication, which now includes data on 824 facilities comprising a total area of 7.1 million m2. An important development is that this time round we invited industry experts to professionally review the individual chapters and to write the introductions to them, and we carried out the database analyses using new, improved statistical methods. In response to a new request, we included a separate analysis of owner-managed properties.

In 2015, we published the first edition of the publication, containing data sets on 200 buildings. The aim of the second edition of Benchmarking, which was published in 2017 and in which we dared to think big, was to synthesise, summarise and analyse the data gathered on 400 facilities. The numbers, i.e. simply increasing the number of surveyed and analysed properties, are not, of course, of much value in and of themselves; the real aim is to contribute to the advancement of the profession and the development of professional standards through data sets that allow for deeper analyses to be conducted with each passing year, thus providing support - by way of an industry lexicon of sorts - to both professionals and to our customers.

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We’ve developed a structure to help you identify and assess the costs of your property.


Leading service providers from the Hungarian FM sector provided data for the survey.


The FM benchmarking publication helps you identify your company’s strengths.


You can immediately see where you need to improve your property-operation processes.


In addition to the property management costs, the survey also presents physical indicators, statistics, analyses and quality metrics.


Publication was preceded by extensive preparatory work that included the creation of a consistent database.



FM Benchmarking III. brochure

8-page brochure on the publication in PDF format

Table of contents

FM Benchmarking III. table of the content

List of contents of the publication in PDF format

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A tutorial on how to use the Benchmarking publication

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Almost a thousand samples

More than 800 survey

More than 800 survey questionnaires completed by the data providers

Several hundreds graphs

Several hundreds graphs of facility management market's data

The results are presented in a variety of charts and tables

Professional commentary

Professional commentary near the figure

Your understanding of each chapter is aided through introductions by leading property-market professionals and by additional commentary


facility management benchmarking

For those of you who are interested, there’s a special chapter on office, commercial and industrial facilities


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The authors and contributors

At the end of 2013, the National Association of Facility Management and Building Operation Service Providers (LEO FM) was formed, with the stated aim of bringing facility management service providers together onto one platform. Currently, 14 market-leading service providers are members of the association, and its membership is expanding to include numerous ‘friends’ of the association.
Early on, the association set up the Benchmarking working group, which developed the questionnaire and conducted the data collection and processing for the FM Benchmarking publication. The processing of the questionnaires was supported by 6 experts and external companies. The anonymity of the publication is assured by an external data controller, and the data providers themselves played an important role in this.


We’ll be back soon – with Benchmarking IV!

If you’d like to join the team, you’re very welcome to do so, and if you’d like to participate in the next round of data collection, please write to